Tight3DTouched With Fire is a novel of the Civil War inspired by the true story of Ellen Craft.

“Many thanks for the copies of the first two books of your Civil War trilogy. I sat down yesterday to read Touched with Fire, and found it so entrancing that I finished it today. A tour de force. what an imaginative approach to take the real sotry of Ellen and William Craft and turn it into an exciting–and penetrating–Civil War Story. You touched all the right bases about slavery and the war. I especially liked the episode of General Grant and Eli Craft bonding over their mutal love of horses. I look forward to the second volume of the trilogy and beyond that a third, when the time comes.:

-Prof. James McPherson, Author: Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era

“Christopher Datta’s Touched with Fire is in that fine American tradition of the works of Howard Fast and John Jakes. His characters are richly drawn and he has great command of the history to which he has attached his narrative. Also, as Datta’s deliberate and sincere historical fiction wends its way through this abject time in our nation’s youth, he keenly goes about Forest Gumping the reader through a Who’s Who of the Civil War. Touched with Fire is a welcome addition to the ever-increasing canon of Civil War fiction.”

E. Warren Perry, Jr., author, Swift to My Wounded: Walt Whitman and the Civil War


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